Our History est. 1907

The Stanford Fire Department was formed in 1907 following a major downtown fire that destroyed several buildings downtown.

With little more than buckets and painter suits for personal protection, the Stanford Fire Department was born. Until 1941, volunteers utilized used or homemade fire equipment. In November of 1941, however, a new Chevrolet Boyer pumper was purchased and put into service. Purchased just prior to the start of World War II, this truck was the first new apparatus to join the fire department. The Stanford Fire Department was fortunate to make this addition when it did, or it would likely have had to wait until after the war! We are grateful to maintain the 1941 Chevrolet Boyer pumper in our fleet, and proud to use it in parades and funerals today.

In 1959, the fire department embarked upon another transformation, forming the Allin Township Fire Protection District as it is known as today. The Vietnam War heavily influenced the course of fire service. During the course of the war, pre-hospital care became much more common, and in post-war America, rescue squads began to form across the country. So, in 1977 the fire department trustees added an ambulance service. Until 2011, the ambulance service was a separate department, but in 2011 it was finally combined with the fire department to streamline the members’ duties and make the overall service more efficient. It was also during this time that the board of trustees decided that relying on volunteers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year was no longer possible. The addition of a staff ensured that citizens had the earliest access to emergency medical care.

Modern Day Allin Township Fire Department

In 2012, the decision was made to combine personnel, equipment, and ambulances with the Minier Rescue Squad to cover calls for both Minier and Stanford.

This proved to be more efficient, but most importantly it has saved lives while reducing the burden on taxpayers. The emergency medical technicians that staff the ambulance are cross-trained firefighters as well. This is a major advantage to residents in the event of a fire.


Although we spend a great deal of time training and going on calls, we also are committed to being active in the community. Our personnel is involved in several fire prevention activities, provide EMS for community events, and assists the Stanford Good Old Days committee with fund raisers. With our primary response area being 36 square miles for fire protection and 72 square miles for EMS, we also provide and receive mutual aid with the following departments: Danvers, Dale Township, Bloomington Township, Minier, Mackinaw, Armington, McLean, and Carlock, Heyworth, and Atlanta.

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